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Image Critique - Electronic Products

Thursday 26th August 2021 - 15:00 BST / 10:00 EDT

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Lighting Comparison Visualiser

Preview 44 lighting modifiers
Image Image of Burger

Live Photography Workshop - Styling & Shooting Burger Photography

LIVE ON:Thursday  15th July 2021
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Understanding Gradient Lighting For Product Photography

In this class Karl takes a closer look at gradient lighting, what effect it has on glossy and matte textured products, and how to create this lighting technique using diffusion paper and affordable DIY modifiers such as scrims and light cones.
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Team Class Pick natural decay image

Interview With Fashion Photographer Daria Belikova

Russian born photographer and rising star Daria Belikova joined Karl for a fascinating talk show, where she discussed the importance of making mistakes, learning from them and staying true to your own style.
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Live Photography Workshop -Styling & Shooting Burger Photography

Broadcast Live On: Thursday 15th July 2021
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Competition Theme: Patterns
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