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If you are new to photography

If you are new to photography then you should start in our 'Essentials' section with the 'Introduction to Photography' course, once you have completed this course then 'Travel & Landscape Photography' in the 'Advanced' section would be the next appropriate module.

Professional photographers

For Advanced and Professional photographers our courses can be conducted in any order although for a better understanding on studio lighting and lighting theory you will find completing the 'Lighting Theory' module in our 'Portrait' section advantageous.

Post production

In our 'Post Production' section we have a variety of different level courses which you will you find self explanatory.


Our 'Downloads' section features many of the bonus and additional documentation relative to courses throughout this website.

Fashion and product photography

Our 'Fashion' and 'Product Photography' sections feature advanced and pro level shoots using studio lighting. If you are unfamiliar with using studio lighting then we recommend that you complete the 'Lighting Theory' module in the 'Portrait' section of this website.

Live shows

Each month we also bring you two live photography shows. Information about the subjects covered can be in found in our 'Live Shows' section.

New courses

We regularly produce new courses and training material, a list of what is coming soon can be found in our 'New Courses' section.