iFootage Anglerfish LED Lights Review

How do the new iFootage Anglerfish LED lights stack up against their broncolor and Aputure rivals?
In this video, I put the iFootage Anglerfish SL1 60DN, 220DN and 320DN lights through their paces, testing for power, colour accuracy, and slow-mo capabilities.

Impressive Colour Fidelity

I look at these new COB (chip on board) units in detail, including their ballast units/control panels and reflectors, and weighing up what they offer in terms of value for money.
Comparing colour accuracy
Comparing colour fidelity

Overall, I’m impressed – particularly when it comes to colour fidelity. Check out the video to watch me trying out these lights and giving my final thoughts.

NOTE: Though iFootage sent me these lights to review, I received no financial reward for doing so and this is my 100% honest, unbiased opinion!

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  1. Hi Karl, of course! Sorry about my absent-mindedness in forgetting that continuous light needs no synchronisation with either the camera or flashlights.

  2. Hi Karl,

    Do the iFootage Anglerfish LED lights come with a brand-specific remote triggers of their own, or can they be operated with some generic triggers? What is the role of a smart phone with them?

    Are there remote triggers of any universal standard that are compatible with studio flashes, LED’s, and speedlights? Might there be a smartphone app that solves the compatibility issues?

    Besides compatibility issues with various lights, are there any limitations regarding most popular 35 mm digital camera brands with the Anglerfish LED’s?



    1. Hi Hannu, I’m afraid I don’t understand why they would need a trigger as they are continuous lighting? They have an app for controlling the power etc.

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