Photography Challenge - Week 17

14th July - 21st July 2020

Looking to try something new with your photography? Stuck for inspiration after a break from shooting? Why not get involved in our weekly challenges! Specifically designed to be achievable whether you’re at home or have access to a studio, these photography challenges are a great way to develop your photography skills, learn new techniques and test your creativity.

This week's challenge is...

Portrait photography with shadows


Upload your image to our members Facebook group using the hashtag #KTEWeeklyChallenge.

How to get creative

This week we’re challenging members to see what you can create for the topic ‘books’. Recipe books, map books, dictionaries or even story books, this week’s challenge presents a host of creative opportunities. Whether it be a flat lay of your favourite biographies or the organised chaos of your entire bookshelf, we can’t wait to see what you can come up with (whatever you do though, remember the book has to be the focus).

For those who may not have shot books before, they can be somewhat tricky subjects to photograph. Things you may have to look out for include glare or harsh reflections, distortion and sufficient depth of field. To help you overcome any of these challenges, there are a few recommended classes below that you may find useful for this week’s challenge.

About the challenge

We’d love for all our members to get involved in our weekly challenges, but to ensure everyone gets maximum benefit from these, there are a few guidelines...

  • Members can submit any one image (taken at any time) for the challenge but in the spirit of the challenge we encourage you to post images taken during the week. A second image can be uploaded to show this (i.e with your phone in shot with the date showing).
  • All images submitted to our Facebook group will be displayed in a members gallery on Karl Taylor Education.
  • Images should be 2000px on the longest side.

Week 17 - KTE Members Gallery

Each week we'll showcase a selection of members #KTEWeeklyChallenge photos 🙂


  1. Hi Team,

    Could you add me to the Facebook group please (I have submitted a request), I was hoping to get my submission in before the deadline. Many thanks.

  2. Im excited about joining the weekly challenge but have to learn how to change my photo so it fits the pixel requirements

    1. I’m loving it. I have done them three weeks in a row. These challenges have really kicked up my photography. You’ll love it!

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