Photography Essentials

Take control of your camera. Make better photos.

Introduction To Photography

After this class, you’ll consistently shoot stunning photos that get noticed.

You don’t need to know every single setting on your DSLR to take good photos. Knowing the basics and learning to switch from automatic mode to manual will transform your images and give you the confidence in your own ability to get out there and start taking more great photos. In this course you will learn the six essentials that will get you confidently creative images in manual mode. There’s also a free e-book that you can download and carry with you in your camera bag.

  • The 6 essentials

  • Landscape photography

  • Capturing action

  • Full creative control with 'Manual Mode'

  • 90 page PDF reference guide

  • ISO and Resolution

Travel & Landscape Photography

Come back home from your adventures with photos that you're proud to hang on your wall.

We all love to take pictures when we travel. By following the tips in this course, you’ll come back with fantastic images you will be proud to display and share. Also in this course, Karl teams up with professional landscape photographer Nick Després to teach you simple and repeatable techniques to help take whatever types of landscapes you shoot from mundane to magical.

  • Neutral density filters

  • Finding the perfect locations

  • Knowing the right light

  • Polarizing filters

  • Long exposures

  • Exploring shooting styles

Better Photos With Your Compact Camera

Learn to capture photographs to be proud of with just your compact camera.

Take impressive portraits, family and group shots, landscapes, nighttime images and creative macro photos. Karl explores each setting on your compact camera and teaches you not just how, but also when to use them. If you’ve become baffled by the multitude of settings on your compact camera or you struggle to get the results you want, this course is perfect for you.

“It’s inspired me to go out and shoot in manual mode and be more creative. You show something, demonstrate it, let us imitate it and then we’ll go and practice it. ”John Ball, United Kingdom