Product Photography

Lighting & styling with finesse

Product Photography Courses

A collection of our top product photography classes and live shows.

We’ve put together a collection of our top product photography classes, including live shows, that demonstrate essential techniques for achieving advertising-standard product images. From product photography lighting setups to professional photography tips and post production techniques, these classes cover each step of a product shoot so you can feel confident creating your own product shots.

Sports Product Photography

Professional product photography that will beat the competition & win clients...

Sporting Equipment

Master the techniques for creating advertising-style product shots of sports equipment.

This section covers professional techniques for photographing sports equipment. From creative action shots of tennis rackets to fine art-style equestrian equipment, each of these classes cover the planning, lighting, styling and equipment for different products to help you learn how to confidently create results your clients will love.

Automotive Photography

Professional product photography that will beat the competition & win clients...

Car Photography

Master photographing cars and motorbikes

This series of automotive photography classes cover everything you need to know about how to create professional car photographs. Photographing both cars and motorbikes, Karl explains everything from lens choice and camera setting to how to minimise reflections in metallic surfaces and useful lighting techniques like gradient lighting and even light painting. Throughout each in-depth class you’ll see the step-by-step shoot and get to learn first-hand as Karl shares various tips that will help you get the very best results when photographing these complex subjects.

Food Photography & Styling

Join top Russian food photographer Anna Pustynnikova & Karl Taylor.

In these food photography courses you'll learn from top Russian food photographer Anna Pustynnikova as she reveals her top food photography tips on everything from preparation and prop selection to styling and lighting. You’ll learn simple one light setups for food photography as well as more advanced lighting techniques and useful tricks like using reflectors and mirrors to create additional light simply and easily.

Advertising, Product & Still Life

A step by step look at 20 technically challenging advertising shots.

Have you ever looked at advertising photography shots like the ones below and wondered how exactly they have been achieved? Wonder no more as Karl takes you through each one of these shots, from concept to creation, to help you understand how to take your own professional product photos. So if you're looking to enhance your advertising or commercial photography and want to really stand out from the crowd then this course is perfect for you.

Toxic Egg ... a detailed still life study

An immensely detailed explanation of the work that goes into exceptional still life shots.

In this course Karl describes every aspect of this type of studio still life photography project - The perfect course for you if you need to shoot a still life photograph for a client! Get a rare insight into the decisions and thought processes made by a professional photographer through a project from start to finish as you join Karl in his commercial studio and watch as if you were there with him learning all the way what effect each decision has on the final result.

“I learned a great deal about lighting from Karl Taylor when I first started off. It was his courses that were the key for me. It taught me to understand how to control light to achieve the image you want. Change the way someone feels and they will remember the image.”David Lund, Professional Photographer