Master Product photography

Lighting & styling with finesse

How to get started in product photography

The Essential Equipment & Techniques For Mastering Product Photography

Have you ever looked at advertising photography shots in commercials and online and wanted to achieve similar results yourself? Learn how to get started with product photography through this series of introductory classes that cover useful product photography techniques, lighting setups, photography background choices, and more. These classes show what equipment you'll need, efficient workflows and even what to charge for your photography...

Bottle and Beverages Photography

Lighting & styling with finesse

Photographing Bottles and Beverages

A Step-By-Step Guide To Photographing Drinks & Beverages

Over the years Karl has photographed for global drinks companies such as Grants Whisky and Heineken, and in this series of classes he will help you master the art of capturing perfect drinks/beverage photography. He shares a number of pro tips for shooting bottle photography that will help you overcome challenges such as lighting and photographing glass, achieving the perfect condensation, and even enhancing colour in liquids such as whisky, wine, or cider.

Sports Kit Product Photography

Professional product photography that will beat the competition 

Sporting Equipment

Master the techniques for creating advertising-style product shots of sports equipment.

This section covers professional techniques for photographing sports equipment. From creative action shots of tennis rackets to fine art-style equestrian equipment, each of these classes cover the planning, lighting, styling and equipment for different products to help you learn how to confidently create results your clients will love.

Automotive Photography

Professional product photography that will beat the competition & win clients...

Car & Motorcycle Photography

Master photographing cars and motorbikes

This series of automotive photography classes cover everything you need to know about how to create professional car photographs. Photographing both cars and motorbikes, Karl explains everything from lens choice and camera setting to how to minimise reflections in metallic surfaces and useful lighting techniques like gradient lighting and even light painting. Throughout each in-depth class you’ll see the step-by-step shoot and get to learn first-hand as Karl shares various tips that will help you get the very best results when photographing these complex subjects.

Food Photography & Styling

Join top Russian food photographer Anna Pustynnikova & Karl Taylor.

In these food photography courses you'll learn from top Russian food photographer Anna Pustynnikova as she reveals her top food photography tips on everything from preparation and prop selection to styling and lighting. You’ll learn simple one light setups for food photography as well as more advanced lighting techniques and useful tricks like using reflectors and mirrors to create additional light simply and easily.

Liquid and Splash Photography

Capture Creative High-Speed Splash Photography

Photographing Liquids & Splashes

Creative Splash Photography That Stands Out

Find out exactly how to capture creative liquid and splash photography in this series of classes. Whether you're looking for some creative splash photography ideas or want to learn about the best techniques for freezing liquids with flash, these classes cover it all. You'll learn about fast flash duration, recommended camera settings, and the best liquids to use for creative results as Karl demonstrates numerous setups. Whether you're photographing products or people, these classes will help you take your creativity to the next level though a combination of knowledge and inspiration.

Cosmetics photography

Capture High-End Cosmetics Product Photography

Photographing Cosmetics

Lighting & Techniques For Capturing Advertising-Style Cosmetic Product Photography

Whether you're shooting for your own blog or for a professional client, there's always a big demand for cosmetic product photography. But these tiny products can be a challenging subject as they often feature mixed textures and small details. Learn how to shoot high-end product photography images of make-up and cosmetics as Karl shows you how to light small products, what lenses to use for close-up photography, and shares some of the professional cosmetics photography tips and tricks he's used over the years...

Jewellery Photography

Capture Flawless Advertising-Style Jewellery Images

Photographing Jewellery

Learn How to Capture High-End Jewellery Photography

Learn how to create flawless images that capture a sense of elegance and perfection in this series of in-depth jewellery photography classes. Shooting a number of luxury items such as watches, necklaces, and rings, Karl teaches you how to identify the common challenges associated with jewellery photography and, more importantly, how to overcome them to produce high-quality results for online or commercial purposes. You'll learn how to shoot small products using focus stacking, how to photograph jewellery on a white background, and how to style jewellery for photography.

Still Life Photography

Master The Art Of Still Life Photography

Photographing Still Life Images

Lighting & Techniques For Capturing Creative Still Life Images

Master the art of still life photography with this selection of inspirational and informative classes. This section includes stand-alone classes that cover lighting techniques and tips for still life photography as well as the start-to-finish process of one of Karl's own still life images. Through Karl's clear teaching methods and numerous examples, you'll quickly learn how to compose, style, and light artistic still life images and understand exactly what makes effective imagery.

Electronics Photography

Photographing Digital Devices and Equipment

Tips & Techniques For Shooting Electronics & Tech Devices

Illuminating LED buttons, reflective screens, and curved shapes - electronic devices aren't always the easiest to photograph. To get the best results, you need to understand what equipment to use, what angle to shoot from, and how to control your light. Karl covers all of this in a number of different examples as he shows you how to overcome common challenges while shooting electronic products such as headphones, iPads, and even voice recorders.

Packshot Photography

Photographing Packshots

Packshot & Product Photography For E-Commerce & Websites

E-commerce is a booming business for photographers, so knowing how to quickly and efficiently capture high-quality packshots is a valuable skill for any photographer. Learn about the equipment, styling and lighting you need to take packshot images that sell, whether it be for e-commerce, websites, or small businesses. Part of this is knowing how to effectively create white backgrounds for product photography, and throughout this series of classes Karl demonstrates versatile one and two-light setups that you can use for a multitude of different products. You'll also learn how to work in small studios, reduce reflections on shiny objects, and understand what makes good product photography.

Flat Lay Photography

Photographing Flay Lay Images

Lighting & Styling For Creative Flat Lay Photography

In recent years the internet has been flooded with flat lay photography, so making your images stand out can be difficult. Knowing what background to use, what colours to choose, and how to compose your image can really help make your images stand out. In this selection of classes you'll learn how to photograph from above, whether you're shooting products, food, or even fashion accessories and Karl shares useful flat lay photography techniques, including styling and lighting, that will give you that creative-edge.

Shoes & Accessories Photography

Photographing Active and Fashion Wear

How To Photograph Sunglasses, Shoes & Everything In Between

From sunglasses to shoes and everything in between, this selection of classes cover how to shoot a wide variety of fashion accessories for advertising photography. In each of these tutorials you'll learn useful techniques that can be applied to a range of different subjects, including how to compose and style images, how to light products with different textures, how to use long exposure for with studio flash, and how to incorporate colour theory for creative results

“I learned a great deal about lighting from Karl Taylor when I first started off. It was his courses that were the key for me. It taught me to understand how to control light to achieve the image you want. Change the way someone feels and they will remember the image.”David Lund, Professional Photographer