Top photographers in studio with Karl Taylor

We started this year with a bang as we welcomed some of the world’s top photographers to the studio for our ever-popular live talk shows.
Renowned wildlife photographer Tim Flach joined us for the first time and what an experience that was! A highly acclaimed author, passionate conservationist and skilled speaker, Tim had us all on the edge of our seats. From heartwarming accounts of reunions with his subjects to hilarious accounts of what it takes to get the picture, the time flew by far too quickly.
Panda by Tim Flach

© Tim Flach

Tim started his journey into professional photography in 1983 as a commercial photographer, simply to “make a living”. He was driven by the visual element of photography but it was only 10 years later when he undertook a personal project with big cats did he get the opportunity to “do subjects I fancied doing”.
“Perhaps I wasn’t so good with humans, so I decided to concentrate on animals,” he said. “I always like that space of having another being opposite me, looking back. I love the aesthetics of natural creatures.”
From vultures to tigers, Tim’s work is instantly recognisable and as we worked through his images, he shared his thought process behind each as well as the techniques used to achieve his desired results.

© Tim Flach

Some 60 years later Tim’s passion for his work is as apparent as ever and he is currently in the process of planning his next book, which we can’t wait to see!

Take a quick peek at the Tim Flach live show wrap-up video below, you can watch the full Tim Flach Live photography talk show by clicking here.

We did an about-turn when we welcomed our next guest — architectural photographer Sean Conboy.
Panda by Tim Flach

© Sean Conboy

Sean bought his infectious energy and endless knowledge to the sofa as we discussed the complex craft of architectural photography.
His interest in architecture stemmed from childhood but it took some time to find his way into the field, working first as an assistant, cruise ship photographer and commercial photographer. Having never lost sight of his passion, he finally set out on his own 30 years ago.
Sean touched on a range of topics, from understanding the client to working with various light sources and his equipment. He also gave valuable advice on some of the more the challenging areas of his business, such as pricing, handling difficult clients and the importance of building relationships.

“Really enjoyed this interview, Karl. What a nice guy and obviously, by his enthusiasm, loves what he does. A wealth of experience there, and generous of Sean to share it.”

Daniel - KTE Member

Members were able to gain insight into the intricate workings of a typical project as Sean revealed his process when it comes to planning for a shoot. It was another highly successful show and Sean hardly had time to catch his breath as questions from our members continued to stream!

© Sean Conboy

Check out the Sean Conboy live show wrap-up video below or catch the full Sean Conboy Live photography talk show here.

Our third live show of the year, which is set for late April, will see Karl joined by photographer Barry Makariou - an award winning product and liquid photographer from the UK. After the success of our previous shows, we’re sure this one will be equally as insightful — we hope to see you there!


© Barry Makariou


26th April 2018 – 18.00 BST / 13.00 EST

Live Talk Show With Special Guest Barry Makariou

Karl will be joined by top product and advertising photographer Barry Makariou. With clients from Pepsi to Peroni and Dove to Tom Ford and Samsung to Sony, Barry’s work is recognized globally. As a successful photographer and director Barry will be on hand to answer your questions and talk about his techniques. Read

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