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With much of the world currently under lockdown, we understand that many of our members may be looking to practice their photography at home and continue their education.

To help with this, we’ve introduced some exciting new content, which we announced in our recent live show (you can watch the replay for the show here). These include weekly photography challenges and even more live shows.

1. Weekly photography challenge

We’ll be running a series of weekly photography challenges to ensure you can continue your photography at home. These challenges are a great way to practice your photography or test out new techniques. Members can get involved by posting their images in our Facebook group with the hashtag #KTEWeeklyChallenge and Karl will review a selection of these at the end of the week. In the spirit of the challenge please only enter one image that you have taken during that week.

Click here to see this week's topic and members submissions.

Photography challenges pot plant photo

2. Live post production tutorials

Live Photoshop classes - close-up of face retouching

If you’re stuck indoors, this is the perfect time to work on your post production skills and finally get around to learning Photoshop. Karl will be presenting live post production sessions, where he will be explaining and demonstrating key retouching techniques. These sessions will take one of two forms: members will either be able to send in one of their images for Karl to retouch or Karl will demonstrate essential post production techniques on a file of his own.

3. Live lighting walkthroughs

The ability to understand and identify lighting in an image is an important skill that few photographers possess. To be able to look at an image and know how it was created can be incredibly useful as it allows you to recreate similar effects in your own photography. In these sessions Karl will be doing lighting walkthroughs on a number of images, explaining how to identify types of light in different images.

Understand photography lighting - Angry Man

4. Live website critiques

Photography website example

Although we already have a website critique scheduled in our upcoming live shows, this is something we felt many of our members could benefit from. In these critiques, Karl will be looking at members websites and offering advice regarding the design, layout and content. Websites are often the first point of call for many potential clients, so creating a good first impression with a strong website is essential.

5. Live business advice (with Q&A)

Having run his own successful businesses, Karl will be sharing his advice and top tips from the last 25 years to help you maximise your own chances of success. Focusing on things like how to market your work, approach clients and develop your business, these sessions will be based on our highly successful business course, but with the opportunity for live Q&A. 

Running a photography business

Due to the uncertainty and ever-changing situation, the schedule for many of these shows may be quite fluid. To make sure you don’t miss anything, make sure to join our exclusive Facebook group and sign up to our mailing list.

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