Karl Features in This WIRED Article on Lighting Like a Pro

WIRED recently asked Karl for his thoughts on the importance of lighting in photography and filmmaking. His responses feature in an article titled ‘How to Light Your Photos and Videos Like a Pro’.
The article explains that, whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, getting the basics of lighting right is essential to creating effective images and videos.

Lighting: where science meets art

Appearing alongside a handful of other world-renowned photographers, filmmakers and educators, Karl emphasises the emotional aspect of light.

“Photography is an art form, but most of our response to it is based on science,” he says, before underscoring the importance of “using the scientific part to enhance the emotional part.”

Later in the article, Karl points out that our visual systems respond primarily to light and dark rather than colour. “We’re seeing in black and white without realizing it.”

Lighting the shot

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Along with his lighting insights, the article features several of the images Karl creates in our photography classes here on Karl Taylor Education.

These include Creative Portrait Lighting 2.0 and Still Life Pasta: Simple One-Light Shoot.

Check out the full WIRED article: How to Light Your Photos and Videos Like a Pro

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