Choose the Best Lighting Modifier for Your Photography

There are SO MANY lighting modifiers out there. I should know – I’ve tried most of them!

Which modifier is best for your photography? How can you compare them quickly and easily WITHOUT spending a fortune? Simple: use our Lighting Comparison Visualiser tool.

In this video, I conduct an epic beauty shoot, testing out every single modifier I own. Then I use the Lighting Comparison Visualiser to demonstrate 40+ different lighting effects using 20+ modifiers, showing you the pros and cons of each.

From softboxes to octaboxes, flooters to snoots, parabolic umbrellas to Pulso Spots, we cover hard and soft light, contrast, skin tone and texture, shadow sharpness, catchlights, crispness, and much, much more.

Lighting the shot

So. Many. Modifiers.

A truly epic shoot

Over the course of two days, we shot our intrepid model Brittany using every single modifier in the studio.

It was fascinating to see the different effects we could achieve as moved from one modifier to the next.

Using a graduated filter

Karl photographing Britt using a snoot

Of course, some modifiers can produce multiple effects depending on how you adjust them. For example, parabolic umbrellas typically have hard, soft, and mid positions, each of which gives a slightly different feel.
Setting up the trampoline and lighting on location

Para 222 in the 'soft' position

Developing the Lighting Comparison Visualiser

Once we’d wrapped up the shoot, it was time to collate all the images and develop the visualisation tool. 

We made it super-easy to compare the effects of different modifiers with a side-by-side display for both head-and-shoulder and full-length shots.

The final fashion image

Bare bulb vs Para 88 in 'hard' position

Thanks to the incredible consistency of Britt’s poses, playing with the Lighting Comparision Visualiser feels a bit like experimenting with different presets or filters in post-production.

But what you’re actually comparing are genuine variations in lighting, captured in-camera.

The final fashion image

110 deep umbrella vs Pico Fresnel

Whether you’re looking to buy, rent or borrow a modifier – or wondering which of your existing modifiers might best suit the needs of a particular shoot – give this awesome tool a try.

Which is your favourite modifier? Let us know in the comments below.

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