Acrylic Rods Hair Product Shoot

In this product photography class, Karl and the team pull out all the stops to execute his clever concept: glossy acrylic rods representing strands of hair that have been ‘fixed’ by the Matrix product.

As Karl, Ash and Georgie work together to style, compose and light the shot, you’ll see an amazing display of creative problem-solving, lighting expertise and teamwork.

A top priority is achieving a perfectly uniform pure white background. Discover which lights and props Karl uses to do just that.

You’ll also cover the lights and modifiers you need to create gradient lighting on a glossy product like this one, as well as how to capture the various shots you need in preparation for bringing them together in post-production.

The final result is a stunning and unusual product photo, well worth all the problem-solving and perseverance!

In this class:

  • Lighting techniques for product photography
  • How to use a scrim
  • Using a strip box for product photography
  • How to create gradient lighting
  • How to achieve a pure white background
  • Photographing glossy products
  • Capturing multiple shots for compositing in Photoshop

Once you’ve watched this product photoshoot, discover how Karl brings it all together in Photoshop by watching Acrylic Rods Hair Product | Post-Production.

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