In the fifth in our series of Blender 3D Basics classes, Ethan Davis shows you how to use texturing to make your 3D CGI models look more photorealistic.

The textures Ethan illustrates include fingerprints, scratches, and dust, as well as a variety of surfaces ranging from rough to glossy.

Some of the properties he demonstrates include Roughness, Metallic, Specular Tint, Anisotropic, Sheen, and more.

As he moves between Shading and Editing mode, he shows you how to use normal maps and bump maps, and demonstrates UV unwrapping.

This comprehensive texturing tutorial will boost your Blender skills significantly.

You may also find it useful to refer to the Bump Map, Emission, Index of Refraction, Node, Normal Map, NormalsTexture Mapping and UV Map entries in our 3D CGI Terminology A-Z.

NOTE: The specific texture Ethan uses for the lipstick is available to download here.

For other textures (free and paid-for), Ethan recommends the following resources:


  1. Thomas Habermann

    Ethan, nicely done. Though I think it could help beginners to cover the nature of UV mapping in more depth because it’s pretty complex. Thanks again.

  2. Masausuki

    Hi Ethan. I’m following this great tutorial of Blender, and now I’m at the stage of texturing.
    But I was wondering if you have covered UV mapping and Texture mapping for this particular object. Or did I miss it somewhere?


    1. Masausuki

      I found it at 15:38 and I could finally unwrap the nib of the lipstick which I was struggling. Problem solved:)

  3. egozalan

    can you please share all materials ( textures ) used in tutorials? I can find lots of free textures if i google but they dont work same or im doing something wrong ? Please share final blender source file so i can inspect for a better learning.

      1. JNPP

        Links with paid stock graphics could help me a lot. This could give me a good starting point with collecting them. I am sure you’ve paid for all of these, I can do it aswell. But I do not know any good place to get them.

    1. EthanDavis

      Hi Egozalan, The texture I used for the lipstick can be located at


      As for imperfection maps, any black and white image will do! You could easily create your own with a black table and some white flour even 🙂 There are so many different free ones with just a quick google search.

      Some websites that do good textures can be seen below:


      Some are free and some aren’t so bear that in mind. Also keep in mind the size of the texture, if it’s higher resolution, it will require more memory and be a bit slower to render.

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