File Structure & Storage

An important consideration for any photographer is file storage — where and how should you be storing the images you’ve shot?

From transferring images to your computer to organising file structures and storage device options, this class provides an overview of some of the most important considerations for storing your photos. You’ll also see what storage solutions we use in the studio as Karl explains his workflow, storage preferences for photo and video, and backup procedures.


  1. If using a date in the file name, it’s best to use the format YYYY MM DD at the start of the file/folder name, because then sorting alphabetically will put them in date order!

    Any other format will mix the dates up really crazy if sorted alphabetically.

  2. I really congratulate you for your courses! I’m taking advantage of them.
    What do you think about cloud storage?
    There are several alternatives such as iDrive or OneBackup.

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