Home interior retouch

What are the key things to consider when retouching interior images? How do you balance tone and color to help guide the viewers eye? How do you correct image distortion or remove unwanted objects to minimize distractions?

In this Photoshop class Viktor and Karl walk you through the process, detailing each step and drawing your attention to the key details that need correcting.

Viktor shows you how to use a number of useful tools to subtly guide the viewers eye through the image. Making use of tools such as the clone stamp, patch tool and various filters he makes subtle but effective changes to enhance the image.

NOTE: You can download the visual aid layers used in this class from our Downloads section.

In this Photoshop class we cover the following:

  • Interior photography retouching
  • How to correct lens distortion
  • How to guide the viewers eye using color
  • Using visual aid layers for retouching
  • Correcting hue, saturation and luminance in Photoshop
  • Color tone in highlights and shadows
  • Healing Brush tool and Clone Stamp tool
  • Patch tool and Polygonal Lasso tool

If you enjoyed this class, you might want to watch our live talk show with architectural photographer Sean Conboy.

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  1. Love the courses! Viktor is brilliant! Do you think the Visual Aid Layers Viktor created would be of use in landscape touchup? I am tempted to give it a go as much of my work is street and landscape photography.


    1. Hi Arjun, I don’t think visual aid layers would be of that much benefit in landscape retouching as the scene is far too random in exposure and contrast but the burn and dodge techniques will be useful.

  2. funny to see how adobe has improved the healing tools over the years from version to version (current: Photoshop cc 2019) amazing! I didn’t even know how bad they were anymore!
    The first thing I would correct are the fingerprints on the chrome steel steam discharge 😉
    the visual aid actions I must make together!

  3. Hi Karl

    I was in absoute love with this course. Please can I ask when can we expect to see a dedicated interior and exterior architecture course?

    Thank you.

      1. Hi, it’s something we are working on for this year – we are aiming to create several classes in this genre.

        1. Thanks for letting me know. This is the only photography I have paying clients for so it’s top of my list of things to master.

  4. Excellent, I like that young man. He makes helper layers understandable. I have heard of helper layers, before, but I didn’t know much about them. Now I have a much better grasp on them and what they do.

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