Photo Critique: Products 2

*This class was recorded live & now available for replay*

Bottles, watches, perfumes and pack shots. Karl reviews a selection of product images submitted by members for this live picture critique.

Working through each image Karl points out what makes effective product imagery as well offers effective solutions to some of the more common problems. Not sure how to get your bottle photography up to parr? Struggling to get the perfect splash shot or confused by the Inverse Square Law? Karl answers all these questions to help you understand how to improve your product photography.

He also demonstrates a number of useful post production techniques that, although subtle, can help make a big difference in the final image.

In this live photography workshop we cover the following:

  • Product photography tips
  • What makes effective product imagery
  • Composition & framing
  • Background choice and prop selection
  • Post production techniques for product images

To learn more about the concepts covered in this live show, visit our Product section.

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  1. great show thanks for all your tips over the years
    frank garvan see you in 2019 Karl have great new year

  2. Damn, I missed this live critique and didn’t send my photo. Hope you will arrange one soon.
    Happy new year to you Karl and all the team..

  3. Thank you very much for theses critique lessons. I really learn a lot from your explanations but more so from the actual examples of how you fix the images. Sometimes the explanation by itself is not completely evident and your work around fully explains the concept. Thank you again for these critiques I hope you continue to do them. Happy holidays to you and all your crew.

    1. Hi Martynas, We will run many more members critique shows in 2019 but the next one won’t be a product critique as we have just done that and will need to cover some other genres. There will be more though at some point. All the best Karl.

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