Beer Bottle Advertising Shot

In this product photography live workshop, Karl creates an advertising-style shot of a beer bottle as he photographs the top-down view of Chang beer partially submerged in rippling water.

In this show, you’ll see the step-by-step setup, including the preparation of the background and positioning of the bottle and lights.

As he builds up his lighting, Karl discusses important considerations for lighting bottles and liquids and demonstrates useful techniques many pro product photographers use, including how to replace liquid in a bottle, fix products in position, and create gradient lighting.

In addition to sharing numerous product photography tips, Karl also goes into detail about angles of reflectance and why this concept is important to understand when it comes to determining where to position your lighting.

Topics covered in this show include:

  • How to photograph bottles
  • Techniques for lighting liquids
  • Product photography tips
  • How to photograph products from above
  • Understanding angles of reflectance
  • Techniques for lighting & photographing water

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Please note: The start of this show will be trimmed within 24 hours. Please jump to 15:41 for the start of the show.


    1. Thanks, ran out of time unfortunately to fix everything but one thing that came to mind after I angled the camera slightly for the ripples then I would have also unstuck the bottle and angled it upwards a little at the top of the bottle so it was more parallel to the camera.

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