Master Beauty Dish Lighting

In this recording of a LIVE photography workshop, Karl once again proves exactly what, with precise control and in-depth knowledge, can be achieved in camera.

Here he guides you through the highly popular lighting modifier that is the beauty dish. Shooting live, he demonstrates some of the most effective ways to use the beauty dish and also provides comparisons between that and other popular lighting modifiers.

This step-by-step shoot provides clear explanations of how the beauty dish works, the best ways to use the beauty dish and common modifiers that could be used instead. It’s an insightful show that sheds light on a commonly misunderstood yet popular modifier.

In this live photography workshop we cover the following:

  • What is a beauty dish
  • How to use a beauty dish
  • How to modify a beauty dish
  • Using a beauty dish in a multiple-light setup
  • Lighting modifier comparisons: Beauty dish vs umbrellas

You can read more about the beauty dish here, and you may also find this beauty dish lighting for fashion photography interesting.

Use the comments box below to ask Karl any questions you may have from this shoot.


  1. Hi Karl, Thank you so much for getting back to me, considering the distance of the beauty dish from the subject. I did watch the class on inverse square law and found very helpful, but I was a little confused having watch a other class prior to getting yours. You have clear this issue up for me. Thank you again so much.

  2. Karl , I just want to let you know that I have tried other classes , and even though I have just started your classes. Your classes are by FAR much more informative and a FAR better value . Your teaching technique is Great.

  3. Hi Karl , Just got done watching a live archive class on using a beauty dish. Very informative, I do however have a question. You mention the angle of the dish to your subject , but you did not mention the distance from your subject. As I heard from other classes that you should set the distance from your subject to the size of the beauty dish, hence 70cm lite 70cm from your subject. How do feel about this?
    Thanks Greg K

    1. Hi Greg, no that isn’t accurate. Myself and other fashion photographers I know well will use Beauty dishes or Paras from right on top of the model to 10meters away, it depends on the look we are going for. In this particular class I’m using my beauty dish about 1.5m away from Evie’s face and it is at a 45 degree angle and slightly above head height. You can of course bring it closer if you want it softer etc etc but don’t forget about the inverse square law and how that will affect the fall of of light down the face when it is closer. Check this class out if you like –

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