Photographing Clear Liquid Bottles (Gin/Vodka)

In this live photography show, Karl shows you how to light and photograph clear bottles such as gin and vodka.

When it comes to photographing clear bottles, the process couldn’t be simpler. Watch as Karl shows you step by step how to photograph clear bottles.

Simple steps for photographing clear bottles:

  • Prepare the bottle – This includes cleaning the bottle and creating controllable condensation
  • Select the background and base surface – These will have a big impact on your overall image
  • Light the product – This can be done using just a few lights with basic modifiers
  • Photograph the bottle – Determine your composition and camera settings

Karl explains how to achieve perfect condensation to create that cold, desirable look, which backgrounds and base surfaces work best, and how to light the product using just two lights. He also shows you how to incorporate additional lights to further enhance your shot, highlighting the label and reducing unwanted shadows.

You’ll learn the best techniques for photographing clear bottles from a professional with more than 20 years in the industry and how you can recreate this setup easily and effectively yourself.

To learn more about bottle photography, take a look at our Live Whisky Photography Workshop and Wine Bottle Product Lighting classes. You can also find more instruction on creating your own perfect condensation in our The Perfect Pint & Condensation Cold Look class.

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  1. My engineering curious mind is wondering if, there is an advantage to having a concave scrim. Would the wrap around light on the bottle be enhance ?

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