Recording Sound

In this filmmaking class, Karl introduces you to the many different devices you can use to record sound for your videos.

Audio is easy to overlook when you’re filming, but getting it right is absolutely crucial. This class contains a host of useful tips and facts to help you record high-quality sound.

As Karl and Georgie try out radio mics, built-in mics, boom mics, independent recorders and more, you’ll learn about different inputs, how to minimize echo, and the difference between uni-, bi- and omnidirectional microphones.

You’ll also hear a lot about ‘horseball’ and ‘dead cats’, but don’t worry – no animals were harmed in the making of this video!

In this class:

  • Recording sound for filmmaking and videography
  • Audio recording techniques
  • Microphones and other recording devices
  • Problem-solving tips for recording sound

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