Interview With Wedding Photographer David Stanbury

For many aspiring photographers, wedding photography is often the first step, but it’s a challenging genre that requires quick thinking, good people skills and outstanding technical knowledge.

Karl is joined in studio by award-winning wedding photographer David Stanbury who, together with his wife Jane, has travelled across the UK (and further afield) photographing a variety of special occasions.

David shares with Karl what makes a good wedding photographer, how to stand out in such a competitive field and which three pictures are the most important on the day. Together he and Karl review a number of his images and David shares the creative thinking behind each shot, as well as his lighting setups.

Topics covered in this live photography talk show:

  • Wedding photography: How to photograph a successful wedding
  • Establishing good relationships with clients
  • Useful equipment for wedding photography
  • Working under pressure
  • Photographing groups of people
  • Working in different locations
  • How to pose couples for wedding photography
  • The importance of a second shooter
  • Wedding packages and pricing

You can read more about David Stanbury’s wedding photography on our blog, and you may also be interested in our ‘Conversations with David Stanbury’ live show.

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  1. Great interview Karl. When David was talking about the umbrella shot, it sounded like he said his wife was behind the bride and groom with a flashlight. I replayed it a couple times to make sure I heard him right. Was he referring to a flashlight as in a household flashlight one would keep in case the power goes out, or was he referring to photography equipment? I just wanted to be clear. Not to duplicate, but just wanting ideas on how to create more light at a wedding or on location without having to carry all of my studio lights with me to a wedding.

  2. I feel the same way Karl , I’m the type of photographer that likes to take my time and get everything ready and perfect. these photographers are very skilled at thinking on their feet, I wish I had this quality, great show mate!

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