Fashion Photography: Where To Get Started

If you’re looking to learn more about fashion photography, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find a selection of classes that cover everything from planning a fashion shoot right through to the photoshoot itself.

These classes will provide valuable insight into organising and executing a successful fashion shoot, and you’ll learn important skills like how to develop and finalise creative concepts, source outfits and props, work with models and stylists, what lighting to use, and how to bring everything together on the actual shoot day.

In our fashion photography courses, you’ll find both studio-based fashion shoots and location fashion shoots, where you’ll be able to follow Karl through the planning and execution of multiple shoots.

Getting Started With Fashion Photography

Below are a few of our classes that provide an introduction to fashion photography. These cover the planning process for fashion shoots as well as insight from professional photographers.

Planning For Fashion Shoots

This initial chapter covers the planning required for a successful fashion shoot – from selecting the right model, sourcing the best outfits and sketching sets. 

Key concepts: Concept creation • Outfit selection • Sourcing props • Working with stylists

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Live Talk Show – Fashion Photographer Daria Belikova

Self-taught fashion photographer Daria Belikova joined Karl to discuss individual style, her inspiration, workflow and the importance of having a good team.

Key concepts: Developing your style • Working with a team • Social media for photographers • Pricing your work

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Live Talk Show – Portrait & Fashion Photographer Rachell Smith

Rachell Smith shared her advice for photographing people who aren’t confident, how she always plans for every shoot, and her go-to kit and fail-safe lighting setups.

Key concepts: Working with agencies • Lighting setups • Planning for shoots

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Studio Fashion Photography

One Light Setups

If you only have one studio light, these classes will provide you with inspiration and guidance as you start to bring your own ideas to life.

Bold Soft Light For Three-Quarter Length Shots

Karl creates a bold but soft light for this three-quarter length shot. This setup, which uses a basic modifier, is ideal for fashion and catalogue shoots.

Key concepts: How to create soft light • Working with white backgrounds • How to control shadows

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Dramatic Lighting With Harsh Shadows

Learn how to invoke emotion using just a single light as Karl and Urs Recher demonstrate how to use simple accessories to modify a bare bulb light to create this dramatic lighting look.

Key concepts: How to create hard light with soft shadows • Controlling light in small spaces • Creating emotion in images

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Fashion Photography Using Laser Lighting & Flash Photography

Take your creativity up a level with this single light setup. This simple setup uses studio flash and laser lighting, basic props, and a studio floor as the background to create this eye-catching result.

Key concepts: Creative fashion photography ideas • How to combine studio flash with laser lighting • Balancing exposure

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Two Light Setups

With two lights, a new world of creative opportunity is open to you. In these classes you’ll learn how to achieve eye-catching lighting effects and really make the subject stand out.

Photographing A Model In Motion – Falling Girl

Movement can add a dynamic element to fashion photography, and in this class you’ll learn how to photograph models in motion as Karl explains everything from the lighting tests to outfit changes and posing.

Key concepts: Photographing moving subjects • Outfit selection • Controlling light, shadows & exposure

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Futuristic Fashion Photography

Simple doesn’t have to be boring, as you’ll learn in this class. Karl uses simple items for backgrounds, a simple two-light setup and simple jumping poses to create a dynamic image.

Key concepts: Creating interesting sets • Adding depth to images • Precision lighting • Photographing moving subjects

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Retro Sci-Fi Fashion Shoot

Learn how to bring your ideas to life, as Karl explains how to combine multiple light sources to create interesting effects and how to use long exposures for creative results.

Key concepts: Combining multiple light sources • Using long exposures for fashion photography • Using simple props for fashion shoots

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Multiple Light Setups

If equipment isn’t an issue, you'll be able to pick and choose from any of our fashion photography classes, although the recommendations below offer a great place to start if you're just starting out.

Coloured Gels Fashion Shoot

Learn how to add elements of colour and interest to your fashion images with this class, where Karl and Urs Recher explain the techniques for introducing colour into shadows, combining different colours, and balancing exposure.

Key concepts: Using coloured gels • Creating pockets of lights • Using direct & indirect light • Posing models

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Theatrical Light Fashion Shoot

Fashion photography often requires you to think on your feet and be open to change, as you’ll see in this class. Before settling on his final three-light setup, Karl experiments with various modifiers as he aims to create a focused beam of ‘sunlight’.

Key concepts: Lighting modifiers for fashion photography • How to simulate sunlight • Controlling light & shadows

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Pop Fashion Shoot

In this class you’ll see the development of a typical fashion shoot, as Karl works with his model and stylist to create this fun, pop fashion image. Shots like this are often used for magazines and websites, and this is a simple three-light setup that can easily be replicated.

Key concepts: Set creation • Outfit selection • Posing models • Lighting techniques for fashion photography

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Location Fashion Photography

Photographing fashion on location brings a whole host of new challenges. We have a selection of individual of classes that will show you how to confidently tackle the task of shooting on location, including our complete Fashionscape course.

Streetwear Fashion Photography

Working on location creates its own set of problems — from finding the right location to styling the shot and working with ambient light. Find out how to overcome these challenges as Karl reveals his workflow and lighting setup.

Key concepts: Photographing on location • Sourcing outfits for fashion shoots • Combining flash and natural light

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Photographing Fashion On The Coast With Flash Lighting

This class covers useful techniques for shooting on location, including how to use filters to control ambient light, how to balance multiple lights and use specific modifiers to create controlled patches of light.

Key concepts: Combining natural light & studio flash • Using filters • Lighting setups on location • Working with a team

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Skogafoss Waterfall Shoot

Fashion photography isn’t always as glamorous as it looks, as you’ll see in this class. Working in freezing and wet conditions, Karl explains how to use long exposures during fashion photography to introduce motion blur while still keeping the subject sharp.

Key concepts: Creating motion blur • How to control natural light & studio flash • Lighting setups for shooting on location

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This small selection of classes will help you get started shooting fashion by covering some of the fundamental knowledge and skills you need. If you’re looking for more fashion photography ideas, take a look at our other fashion photography classes.

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