Photography Challenge - Week 1

24th March - 31st March 2020

Photography challenges are a great way to develop your photography skills, learn new techniques and test your creativity. Over the next 12 weeks we’ll be running a series of weekly photography challenges exclusively for members to help you practice your photography. The theme for each week will feature on your home page and at the end of the week Karl will review the images. Enjoy!

Watch Week 1 - Live Image Review

This week's challenge is...


Pets / Pot Plants

Upload your image to our members Facebook group using the hashtag #KTEWeeklyChallenge.

How to get creative

When it comes to photography, even if you're stuck at home, there are a number of ways you can get creative.

The best way is, of course, to get out and actually use your camera, which is why challenges such as this can really help kickstart your photography. It can be a fun way to practice photography, try new things and test your knowledge.

But before you jump right in, take the time to think about and plan your shot. With this being a weekly challenge, use the available time to think about what you want to create. Consider your composition, choice of colour, lens choice etc. .

Below are a few useful links that you may find useful and inspiring to help you get started. This week's challenge is fairly straightforward, but that doesn't mean you can't get creative and think outside the box. Why not experiment with colour combinations, push the boundaries with lens choice or even put your own creative interpretation on the theme!

Please note that due to the growing popularity of the weekly challenges we have had to put together some guidelines in order to make it fair for all members that would like to get involved. In the spirit of the challenge please only enter one image that you have taken during the week of the challenge.

Week 1 - KTE Members Gallery

Each week we'll showcase a selection of members #KTEWeeklyChallenge photos 🙂

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