Photography Challenge - Week 1

1 January - 7 January

Are you looking for some photography ideas to test your skills and get your creativity flowing? We’ve got 52 weeks of photography challenges to help inspire you. Each topic is designed to be achievable whether you’re shooting at home or in a studio, use natural light or studio lights, have years of experience or just a few months. We started posting weekly challenges more than a year ago and they’ve been so popular we thought we’d continue to run them if you want to try something new or catch up on any that you missed. You can view the full list of challenges here.

This week's challenge is...


Pets / Pot Plants

Upload your image to our members Facebook group using the hashtag #KTEWeeklyChallenge or tag us on Instagram, where we’ll share some of our favourites on our stories each week.

How to get creative

When it comes to photography, even if you're stuck at home, there are a number of ways you can get creative.

The best way is, of course, to get out and actually use your camera, which is why challenges such as this can really help kickstart your photography. It can be a fun way to practice photography, try new things and test your knowledge.

But before you jump right in, take the time to think about and plan your shot. With this being a weekly challenge, use the available time to think about what you want to create. Consider your composition, choice of colour, lens choice etc. .

Below are a few useful links that you may find useful and inspiring to help you get started. This week's challenge is fairly straightforward, but that doesn't mean you can't get creative and think outside the box. Why not experiment with colour combinations, push the boundaries with lens choice or even put your own creative interpretation on the theme!


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  • Uploaded images should be 3000px on the longest side.
  • Images can be posted in our members' Facebook group using #KTEWeeklyChallenge, but will not appear in the gallery unless also uploaded via the form.

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    Week 1 - KTE Members' Gallery

    John Tait Paul Smith Rob Cawston Stéphanie Renon Adwaith Shine Adwaith Shine Adwaith Shine Alecks Dimitrov Alfie Jones André Langevin Andrei Mihnea Raileanu Andrej Poličar Andrey Petrov Angus Rather Anna Pustynnikova Anna Pustynnikova Anna Zazdravnaya Aquilino Paparo Brian Stricker Brice Mardon Carey Crays Carey Crays Carlos Villa Chris Boyd Corina Daniela Obertas Damien Wyer Daniel MT Daniel MT David Morgan David Recor Debbie Ritch Dell Delap Diane Ross Eduardo Von Linsingen Ernesto López Ruiz Giovanni Giovo Roveran Greg West Ian Knight Jaakko Kastari Janne Ekman Japi Valadez Jason Crane John Thompson John Thompson Lasse Eklof László Kupi Lee Hayes Les Arnott Les Arnott Les Arnott Loris Rizzo Mandy Gough Young Mark Ingram Martin Linke Martin Linke Martin Wace Maryke Du Toit Maurizio Caravaggi Maxim Yakovlenko Mike Barney Neil Cuthbertson Nick Paschalis Nicola Baker Paul Handley Paul Handley Peter A Scully Peter Pole Réka Csulak Roel Meijer Roel Meijer Ruben Waage Ropstad Scott Steinweiss Sergey Vorobyov Slavek Sekanina Stéphane Paris Steve Molnar Steve Smith Steven Morales Stuart Anderson Stuart Opie Tarun Bhowmik Tommy Howell Travis Patenaude Travis Patenaude Travis Patenaude Vatroslav Suvala Suki Vince Taroc Wojciech Homik Ken Schwarz Yasdnyl E Eitsirhc Abduarahman Alahmari Alice Dantes Andreea Rosca Andy Coulter Antti Ranki Dan Bridge Dan Bridge Danny Golan Doug Howell Doug Howell Faten Smith Gregg Jaskiewicz Hani Omar Hani Omar Hannu Mononen Hussein Elyas Bino Hussein Elyas Bino Ilmars Ivara Dēls Ivo Pogorelčnik Ivo Pogorelčnik Jade Holing Jade Holing Japi Valadez Jennifer Chen Joe Koerber Joe Koerber Jonathan Lewis Kirill Kovaldin Kurt Pas Leonard Teo Luiz Freire Poul Tolderlund Poul Tolderlund Poul Tolderlund Rdoír Inek Rick Durand Ron Muscato Sand Wish Stephane Thomas Stephane Thomas Steve Shulze Suzy Courtnage Tom Smith Vatroslav Suvala Yusuf Gamal Franck Charlery-adele Andreea Rosca Jess Lynn Kevin Russo Remziye Kılıçlıoğlu Stacey Gwilliam Stephen Bolton Abhishek Anand Adam Goldberg Alexandra Lilith Alwin Widjaja Annamari Mikkola CA Eccles Caitlin Guise Caitlin Guise Caitlin Guise Chris Boyd Daniel Ferrari Dirk Mampuys Donna Nelson Doug Howell Dušan Čupa George O'Connor Hussein Elyas Bino Jay Ann Knox Jess Moore Jim Abrams Jo Perez photography Kathy Araujo White Luisa Maria Stagno Lynne Hughes-Williams Mark Glancy Marty K Michelle Widder Vickers Paul Sheeley Pavel Sepi Poul Tolderlund Rob Toscano Ron Hoeltge Samuel Bourget Sandra Čaklā Sanket Khuntale Silviu Rusu Stivanakis Giannis Tamás Bozóky Terence Clarke Tien Vo Tien Vo Travis Martens Zbignev Safranovic Веселин Георгиев


    1. 8artpixels

      Hi , I hope you are doing well : )

      Quick question. Can we submit photos for weekly challenges that have passed already? As I am a new member I want to post photos starting from week 1 to practice my skills. Also I can’t find where the upload form is. Could you please guide me through this process ?

      Thank you and have a lovely week end !

      1. Hi, no I’m afraid you can’t but you can find the current weekly challenge in your home page and follow the link to the blog post where you will find the upload link. You may also be interested in our current Brief challenge too.

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